Welcome to the Efpalineio Conservatory

Conservatory of Art and Culture

Learn music easily and pleasantly with the most modern way of teaching in a well-equipped concervatory.
A group of distinguished teachers is ready to teach you any instument you choose.
Because music is a creative activity, it is entertainment, it is culture.
We enable you to obtain state-recognized degrees and certifications and degrees from abroad.
Because music is a career. Because music is a pleasure.

Efpalineio Conservatory
Who we are
EFPALINEIO CONSERVATORY is a newly established conservatory in Megara, Attica, recognized by the state…
Maria Ioanna Anastasiou
Maria-Ioanna Anastasiou is the founder and the artistic director of the EFPALINEIO CONSERVATORY…
Trinity College of London - RSL Awards Rockschool
English degrees and diplomas, certifications of study for all classical and modern instruments.
Fields of Study

Excellent quality music education

Classical music

Introduction to the magic of music

Individual lessons of classical instruments by renowned teachers with the acquisition of recognized degrees by the state.
Trinity College of London certified exams.

Jazz Music

Imagination improvises

Individual lessons with the possibility of participating in ensembles.
Old and new jazz repertoire, jazz harmony and improvisation.

Modern Music

Freedom of expression

Individual lessons with the possibility of participating in ensembles.
R & B, Pop, Rock, Art and foreign and Greek repertoire. RSL Awards – Rockschool. Certified exams.

Greek Folk Instruments

Bouzouki, Tzouras, Baglamas

Individual lessons with the possibility of participating in ensembles.
Rebetika, folk, traditional songs.


News from EFPALINEIO CONSERVATORY and our activities

Christmas Concert of the Eupaline Conservatory at the Athens Concert Hall

At the Athens Concert Hall, in a packed hall (Music Library Teaching Hall) and with great success, the Eupaline Conservatory's Christmas Concert took place on Saturday, December 17, 2022.